Partner with Us

Since 2005, Suma Jayma's key partner is the New Mexico-based 501c3 Non-Profit, WATER ENGINEERS FOR THE AMERICAS AND AFRICA (WEFTA).  WEFTA considers Suma Jayma to be one of its key local associates, and lead partner for Bolivia.  

Donations are welcome and can be channeled to Suma Jayma via WEFTA's website: 

WEFTA and Suma Jayma greatly appreciate the donations of so many individuals, companies, faith communities and foundations who make funding available to direct toward Suma Jayma's projects as well as many other local partners throughout the Americas and Africa.  A special thanks to the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters and Spirit of Christ Catholic communities for supporting Suma Jayma projects via WEFTA in recent years.

The magnitude of need for safe water and sanitation among rural and semi-urban communities of the Bolivian Altiplano far surpasses WEFTA's available funding resources, and both Suma Jayma and WEFTA welcome other key partners to support Suma Jayma's projects.  

Among Suma Jayma's other key partners in recent years are Cross Catholic Outreach ( and Maryknoll (

In order for Suma Jayma to develop its activities, Suma Jayma appreciates the confidence and economic support from local and international organizations and institutions, whose cooperation make possible its efforts of helping their Altiplano brothers and sisters in need. Suma Jayma is grateful for its key partners - and the individual donors who make contributions through them:

Suma Jayma welcomes the opportunity to partner with others as well in the future.

The numerous water and sanitation needs of the marginalized rural, semi-urban, and urban communities have yet to be met, despite the help Suma Jayma has been able to provide over the years through the generous support of the above institutions and individual donors. Suma Jayma hopes that even more support can be provided by these and other like-minded organizations and individuals of good will to respond to the needs of so many marginalized communities of the Bolivian Altiplano. 

The Suma Jayma team, and the Andean people it serves, thank you.