Surveying and Design

Topographic survey, hydraulic calculations and design with AutoCAD for water distribution systems

Suma Jayma carries out topographic surveys with a total station surveying unit in urban, semi-urban and rural areas. Generating contour lines for the project location based on the survey points taken, Suma Jayma performs computer-aided drafting to develop the construction plans showing horizontal and vertical routing of the proposed pipelines. Hydraulic calculations checking for adequate flow and appropriate dynamic and static pressures throughout the entire pipeline system are performed to locate break pressure tanks, determine diameter and pressure class of distribution system piping, and verify adequate supply for expected demand.

Suma Jayma has extensive experience and knowledge in conducting conceptual, preliminary and final design studies and construction plans for potable water system projects, hand pumps, public toilets, libraries and ecological latrine projects.

As an example, for a typical drinking water system project, Suma Jayma technical staff would perform the following survey and design steps:

  • Topographic survey with total station, including location of key water supply, storage and delivery infrastructure as well as final household tapstand locations

  • Hydraulic calculation in water networks both in open networks and closed water networks - maximum static pressure and minimum dynamic pressure design criteria are employed resulting in well-functioning systems

  • Realization of plans with contour lines and longitudinal profile views of the water supply and principal distribution networks in AutoCAD Civil 3D

  • Preparing project construction/proposal documents including quantity take-offs and corresponding cost projections according to the format required by the participating funding entities

Laying out the water distribution system pipeline routing with community member input is essential to a successful Suma Jayma project

Suma Jayma's water system design in AutoCAD includes profile views to communicate maximum and minimum operating pressure criteria