Our Services

Suma Jayma provides the following services in rural communities and semi-urban areas:

  • Manufacture and installation of family hand pumps

  • Service-maintenance of family hand pumps

  • Water well drilling using truck-mounted drilling equipment

  • Water well maintenance and cleaning using trailer-mounted large capacity air compressor equipment

  • Construction of water supply systems (typically spring-fed, gravity-driven distribution systems with household tapstands)

  • Construction of public restrooms and family bathrooms of various types, including ecological latrines

  • Topographic survey using total station equipment

  • Hydraulic calculations and design with AutoCAD for water supply and distribution networks

  • Vertical electric resistivity readings during geophysical investigation of subsurface conditions for water well drilling

  • Chain linked galvanized fencing manufacturing

  • Supervision and technical service for construction of water projects

  • Training seminars for drinking water governance committees

  • Health and Hygiene workshops for benefiting families

A rural family greatly appreciative of Suma Jayma