Bathrooms and Wash Stations

Organizing, planning and implementation

In response to a community request, Suma Jayma examines the sanitation needs of the community members, followed by preparation of a project design and proposal. Upon approval and funding, Suma Jayma begins this phase with the project kick-off, outlining the roles and responsibilities agreed upon by all parties, the chronogram of project activities and other aspects to be organized in order that the bathrooms project construction goes as planned.

Laying out of each family’s bathroom construction involves coordinating family-by-family, allowing Suma Jayma to identify the suitable location of the bathroom, while taking into account plumbing requirements.

Suma Jayma makes the purchase of non-local construction materials according to the technical specifications and drawings included in the final design project study. These include cement, bricks, reinforcing steel, piping, plaster, lumber, corrugated metal sheeting, accessories and other construction materials not available in the project site.

Excavation of the bathroom foundation is performed by the benefiting family, under the guidance of a skilled construction worker provided by Suma Jayma. The concrete foundation placement and construction of the walls follows, implemented by Suma Jayma technicians with assistance from the benefiting family. Roof installation and finishing work, including the placement of the concrete floor and painting of the walls, then takes place.

Depending on the project requirements for the particular style of bathroom being installed, additional work from windows and plumbing, to electrical and doors are installed. In the case of ecological bathrooms, equipment relevant to that style of installation is provided and installed.

Project conclusion and reporting

Completing Suma Jayma’s responsibility for any bathroom project, alongside the full participation of the benefiting family, results in sincere happiness on the part of the benefiting community members. A project inauguration and community celebration follows.

A final project evaluation at the end of implementation is completed. Pictures of each benefiting family with their household bathroom, along with GPS points, are taken for project reporting purposes. An official, signed and stamped letter of acceptance by community leaders is prepared and provided to Suma Jayma during the inauguration. Suma Jayma in turn includes these in the final report for its funding partners. Ongoing, periodic monitoring subsequent to the culmination of the project occurs to verify its sustainability.

Suma Jayma explaining to community members next steps in construction and use of family restrooms

"Hands on" teaching of the how's, why's and when's of hand washing with soap