Water Well Drilling & Servicing

Well drilling

Suma Jayma use its truck-mounted drilling rig to install groundwater wells up to a depth of 80 meters (water table depths and subsurface strata are investigated using electrical resistivity equipment prior to drilling to determine viability of a well).

Suma Jayma typically drills one of two standard diameter water wells, including:

  1. Drilling with an 8” diameter drill bit and casing with 4” PVC Schedule 40 piping

  2. Drilling with an 11 1/2" diameter drill bit and casing with 6” PVC Schedule 40 piping

Well maintenance and cleaning

Suma Jayma performs the cleaning services of existing water wells, consisting in the following steps:

  1. Measurement of water flow while operating the submersible pump (to verify pump performance)

  2. Disassembling the galvanized piping and pulling the submersible well pump and piping from the well

  3. Checking the pipes for corrosion and inspection of the water pump (submersible well pump and motor)

  4. Injecting compressed air into the water well to draw up sediments, in a stepped method every 10 meters of depth

  5. Verification of the water discharged during the compressed air cleaning, to check for fine sands and other buildup

  6. Assembly and reinstallation of the submersible pump into the cased water well

  7. Pumping test, including measurement of water flow following the well cleaning to verify improved performance.

Completed new water well drilled, cased and gravel-packed by Suma Jayma (flowing under artesian conditions)

Suma Jayma servicing existing water wells